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CrossFit Trastevere is an affiliated box situated in the city center of Rome. Our 400 square-meter facility fully equipped by Rogue and our highly qualified staff provides CrossFit’s broad and inclusive methodology, suitable for any level of fitness. 


Here at CrossFit Trastevere we believe in giving you the very best attention and quality we can. Make no mistake, this is a tough regime designed to push your body to its limits in order to do that you need the best instructors.


As well as CrossFit, we focus on Gymnastics movements (the ability to control your body in space), Weightlifting movements (the ability to control your body and an external objects in space) and Endurance work (rowing, running, bike, etc). Practicing the technique of high skill movements will give you a hedge and allow you to increase your Fitness (work capacity across broad times and modal domains). Our aim with these speciality classes is to practically apply your force. By utilizing the correct technique you will maximize your outputs, minimize the energy expended and decrease the risk of injuries. 


In our box we have a huge variety of athletes. Sports specialists, deconditioned athletes, people that have never done sports, injured, under 18 to over 60 athletes and they can all workout in the same class thanks to CrossFit’ scaling option. We can adapt every single movement/workout to your fitness level or special needs and yet make you fitter than you have ever been!!